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NEW! Suede Leather Protection Kit
$14.99 -$19.99
 PreTreat includes a Scotchgard Spray Bottle, a Suede Brush which we use to clean suede leather before pretreating, and our Guarantee that we will cover the whole vest even if we need to use two(2) spray bottles of Scotchgard Suede Protector Spray on one vest for no extra cost.
Service options:
PreTreat Vest Size (purchase separately);

  • Features:
Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Protector Designed to: 
  •  Repels Rain, Snow, & Moisture, Helps Minimize Salt Stains, Will Not Change the Feel of Leather, Phosphate Free, No CFC's
The Deluxe Suede Brush was Designed to clean:
  • Welt Surface used for stronger cleaning on heavier scuff marks and stains
  • Nylon bristles used for a lighter gentler cleaning on light scuff marks for thin fine suede/nubuck

  • Usage: For use on all types & colors of Suede & Nubuck leather items. Provides protection against water & oil stains for your Suede & Nubuck boots, VESTS. shoes, coats, jackets, bags, etc. to keep items looking good longer. Do not use on smooth finished leathers.

Vest Kit Only

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Vest KIt ONLY:

 Note: Ch. Small and Ch. Medium sizes come with "ExtrasMore room for patches! 

You may add Fringe and/or Light Assembly to your Vest Kit

------->>Vest size chart ---> for XXXL sizes, please visit  "Extras" page for Extension
Vest Kit Package Assembled

+ Personalized T-Shirt + 
FREE adhesion of Welcome Patches Pack** 

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Vest Kit  Package:
Patch Size
Beads assembly Style:
T-Shirt Sizes:
Image ID # & Your IP-IG Name:
Beads/Cord color & Front Text:

Beads, Cord & Style chart:

Note:------>> Lettering Base will be created to match Main Patch design style.
<<-------Please use Beads # and Cords letters for
Beads & Cord color  -------->>

Front Text Please specify Left and/or Right


Vest Kit Package includes:
Suede Vest Kit 
*Up to 10" Patch (of your design)
*Vest Assembly
*Beads & Cord (of your choice)
 *Lettering on Back and Front (unlimited)  
*Lettering Base(Will be custom Created)

* Free Personalized T-Shirt
*Free Scotchgard  Vest Pre-treat
* Free Adhesion of Welcome Patches Pack
(2 Nation patches and Blue or Yellow Ribbon)**

You get over $30.00 worth of FREE Custom work and product with Vest Package choice!

** Customer has to deliver 2 Nation patches and Blue or Yellow Ribbon at the time of vest customization for free adhesion. At any other time, adhesion will be charged at regular price rate.  
Rhinestones may be added to a vest assembly... see "Extra" page 
You may Upgrade Vest Kit package 

Note*Patch should be exposed to the direct light for 15-30 minutes for Glow effect.


Custom Patch only

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Base Patch Lettering
will be created to match Main patch design style
See Video  how to apply G'S Custom Patch to 
your piece.

Price options:
Sealer option:
Main Patch Size
Lettering Base Size
123rf  Vector  ID #
Lettering :

Personalized T-Shirts 

T-Shirt Sizes:
Design ID # ..or.. URL code:

Do you need Screen Print or Hat embroidery done for your organization? 
"Pow Wow"
Personalized  Chairs
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Chair Color:
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